Turn clearance sales into Savy Sales and sell more - instantly.

Savy increases revenue by preserving product margins & enhancing brand value. Learn more or download the Savy app for your Shopify store today!

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The Savy Suite
Savy Sales
is a smart replacement solution for clearance sales.

Instead of initially slashing product prices to clear inventory, Savy allows your customers to enter a price they're willing to pay; if their price is higher than a set merchant minimum, they get to buy their item at their price. Since public discounts are moot with Savy Sales, Savy not only preserves product margins, but we also protect your brand's value.
Choose which products to include in your Savy Sale
Set the minimum amount you're willing to let each product go for
[email protected] bought an item for $45. Your merchant minimum was $30. Savy made you $15 for this purchase!
[email protected] bought an item for $85. Your merchant minimum was $50. Savy made you $35 for this purchase!
Sit back and let Savy work its magic!
Savy Sales is completely automated. Once you've created your sale, you can sit back and watch as we increase your store's revenue!

Don't leave money on the table, #staysavy instead
The Savy Effect
Savy Stores have seen...
a 4X increase in site visitor to add to cart conversions
a 2X increase in site visitor to buyer conversions
a 30% increase in revenue for Savy Sale products
"Our Savy Sale, which started on 1/11/18, resulted in the best day of sales since August of last year. Additionally, Savy has increased our revenue by 13%! I'd call that a win!"
"Without Savy, we would have made 30% less in revenue for the month of December (our highest grossing month). Savy also significantly increased our add to cart and site visitor to buyer conversion. Awesome customer service and an even cooler product!"
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